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Manager – Visa Summer Internship Arlington

    Website Visa Inc.

    Position Title: Manager

    Company: Visa Inc.

    Location: Arlington, VA, USA

    Job Description:

    Visa Direct is a payment service that allows clients (sending and receiving financial institutions, processors, merchants, and service providers) to facilitate money movement between Cards, Bank Accounts and Wallets around the world using faster payments technology. Visa Direct consumer and business applications include person-to-person (P2P) transfers, Business to Consumer (e.g., gig economy payouts), funds disbursement (e.g., insurance claim disbursements), and more. The push payments market is estimated to be more than $65 Trillion of payment volume globally.
    We are seeking a product  manager that is ready to apply their deep payments expertise to develop strategies and solutions that accelerate growth for Visa Direct money movement use cases. You will manage a portfolio of high-profile initiatives for moving money between digital banks, P2P apps and wallets, online brokerage companies, crypto platforms, financial institutions, and 3rd party payment technology providers. You will drive these high growth initiatives by collaborating across Visa Global Product, Segments & Market Development, Ecosystem, and Regional teams, as well as external technology companies and financial institutions.



    • Support and manage the execution, deployment, and management of the Visa Direct Global Solutions, Regional Solutions & Enablement Expansion Strategy
    • Work closely and collaboratively with the Regions to ensure their growth strategy includes Solutioning and Enablement for Originators and Merchants and support the deployment of strategic initiatives in their markets
    •  Support and manage the development and implementation of Regional Solutioning & Enablement Expansion programs/roadmaps for each region
    •  Support and manage the execution, monitoring, and tracking of the progress of each program/roadmap for each region
    •  Work very closely with Visa Sales, Operational, Risk, Compliance, Ecosystem, Legal and other key stakeholders across the organization to support delivery of the Region’s strategy.
    •  Be the central point of contact for the Regions regarding Regional Solutioning & Enablement Expansion needs
    •  Interact with (influencing, partnership, negotiating, persuasion) internal regional and global stakeholders to convey the Visa Direct Regional Solutioning & Enablement Expansion strategy, understanding their needs, identifying solutions that achieve outcomes that simultaneously drive Visa’s strategy forward.
    • Act as the Region’s advocate inside Visa Direct Solutions team, supporting them in their solutioning and enablement goals, by interacting with multiple teams and removing barriers that may present along the way
    •  Structure monthly reporting mechanism and tracker and present, share and publish to all engaged stakeholders for visibility and participation in the strategy
    •  Work collaborative with other team members and provide support to delivering on the collective targets effectively and in partnership with Visa’s internal teams.


    •  Produce Solutioning and Enablement materials, guides, descriptions and other technical or artifacts as needed, conduct workshops and webinars for Regions per solution approach, resolve escalations and conflicts with internal stakeholders, act decisively on urgent and important matters and always show up in a collaborative manner to achieve the Region’s and Global Solutions team’s best interest.
    •  Have deep functional knowledge and expertise in the Visa’s technology stack, digital assets/capabilities, new payment technologies and networks, and partner business models to package solutions for clients.
    •  Support and manage global cross-functional strategic initiatives – including alignment of resources, establishing governance, driving collaboration and teamwork, and influencing senior executives across a global organization and build/maintain strong, productive working relationships with stakeholders and partners.
    •  Support, manage and work closely to Platform team ensuring constant feeding of Region’s needs to reflect them into the product roadmap, and that new solutions, features and functionalities are being developed and delivered to address such needs.

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